[ a. at her grandmother's ]
[ life partner out of town ]
[ torrential rains instead of preordained sun ]

the kitchen is a good, soothing place to be

[ biscotti al pistachio ] from the kitchen of the american academy in rome - which thankfully did not collapse in a heap on may 11

yields 45-50

500g raw pistachios
200g granulated sugar
1 tbsp honey
grated zest of half a lemon
3 1/2 oz egg whites
150g icing sugar

preheat oven to 180C

pulse pistachios in a food processor with half of the measured granulated sugar until nuts are finely chopped

combine the ground pistachio-sugar mixture with the honey, vanilla and lemon zest in a large mixing bowl. slowly add egg whites, mixing until dough is well combined and soft. at this point, add the additional 100g of granulated sugar and mix gently. the dough will be soft but not sticky

form dough into small balls and roll them in the icing sugar to coat well. transfer the balls to cookie sheets lined with with parchment paper, leaving 3cm between each cookie

bake for 15-18 minutes, until edges of each cookie are golden

may be stored in sealed container for up to 2 weeks

[ note: if you're tempted, please weigh that egg white - there is just no way round it! ]



Kosta said...

any left for me?

Metaxi Mas said...

And for the neighbours? I could smell (once again) the delicious smell passing from your kitchen window, on my way to the kiosk. It always smells so nice and your kitchen is, for me at least, always a good, soothing place to be. My daughter told me recently that your kitchen is 'much better' than ours. When I asked why she gave several (children's reasons): there are toys, the crisps are there and there is a painting board. Now, that is what we call in anthro: the kitchen is the place for the community. OK, this comment is getting embarrassingly long. You get the point,though. Much love. xxx

Nxxx said...


eau de nil said...

nefeli is right: my kitchen is at its best when it has beautiful people like all of you sharing + creating in it!